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I create conversations between products and users. 

Before graduating from U.C. Berkeley's UX bootcamp, I was a visual arts journalist with over 100 articles published in The New York Times. I am also the author of the book "Women of Vision," published by Penguin Random House and National Geographic.

I'm currently a Content Strategist at Truebill, where I create direct response advertisements and work cross-functionally as a UX writer for the product team. 



Experience & Expertise

October 2020 - Present

Content Strategist - Truebill

As a Content Strategist at this personal finance startup, I work under the VP of Growth to write and create advertisements responsible for user acquisition. I also work cross-functionally with Product on UX onboarding flows and landing pages. Since I joined Truebill, the company has raised two rounds of funding, a series C and series D. 

June 2020 - October 2020

UX Writer - Run The World

I was the lead UX Writer and main Content Strategist at this startup working under the Heads of Community, Growth, and Product to help tell our story through labels, text, and other copy. I also defined the content style guide for the company. 


Writer - The New York Times

For over half a decade, I wrote some 100 articles for The New York Times for both the Lens and Metropolitan sections. Turning in copy sometimes overnight, I always managed to adhere to the highest standard of journalistic ethics.


Writer - Instagram

Focusing on photography, I interviewed shutterbugs from around the world and wrote about a dozen short-form captions for Instagram’s main account feed, @instagram.


Writer - National Geograpahic

I published articles and wrote captions for photos on topics ranging from hurricanes to marine mammals. My National Geographic book “Women of Vision,” forwarded by Ann Curry, was a finalist for the “Best Photography Book” of the Seventy-Second Annual Pictures of the Year International award.


Writer - White and Case, L.L.P.

I wrote social responsibility brochures focusing on the legal victories obtained by this international law firm. Topics included child rights and women's rights.


UX Writing

Current position: Content Strategist @Truebill

Educational Onboarding Flow

Content Strategist: Truebill

At Truebill, the Product team wanted to insert educational content into the onboarding flow, a delicate process because you never want to scare the user away. At the same time, it's important to help them understand what Truebill is about up front.

Screen Shot 2021-07-10 at 8.33.41 AM.png

Credit Builder Landing Page

Content Strategist: Truebill

The goal here was to test whether users were interested in a credit builder program. We created targeted ads which then led users to this landing page. It turns out, users were very interested! We had overwhelming return with both our ads and landing page.

cb test_edited.jpg

Cocktail Party

Roll: UX Writer

I wrote the UX copy for our mobile app and website. I also helped write the value prop, "Gather your community, frequently and virtually, with conversations enabled through one-on-one video chats."

Roll: UX Writer

UX price writing has its challenges. Not only do you have to be clear, but you don't want to scare customers away. See how I wrote an updated pricing sheet for Run The World.

Pricing Page_Update.jpg

Grab the mic

Roll: UX Writer

Instead of something boring like "share the stage," we thought of "grab the mic" for attendees who wanted to interact with virtual speakers.

mic request.png

UX Design

Case Studies

Vively: A CRM for independent fitness instructors

Roll: UX Writer, UX Designer

Independent fitness instructors are burned out managing administrative backend tasks on disparate platforms. How might we design a responsive dashboard with which independent fitness instructors can seamlessly build their brand and grow their clientele?


Farming Hope: Nonprofit website redesign

Roll: UX Designer

We wanted to show a nonprofit that we could redesign their website as a form of contribution.


Roll: UX Designer

Sometimes a government agency has so much information it can get confusing. Our team at Berkeley dissected, tested, and redesigned the USDA website.


Rena Silverman - UX/UI Designer
Janae Keller - UX/UI Designer

How can youngsters travel safely, connect, and consider finances? We found out.


UX process


1. Empathize

I interview and shadow target audience, seeking to understand their pain points in a non-judgmental way.


The Possibilities










Adobe XD




Content strategy process

Existing products


1. Content audit

First I survey the range of voices used. If I see several modifiers in a row, for example, I deem the voice "technical." If I see contractions, I know the voice is more colloquial or casual.


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